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Types of Exhaust Fans

Types of Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are a great solution for poorly ventilated bathrooms as they trap moisture while removing high levels of moisture. There are many types of exhaust fans.

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Types of Exhaust Fans


Window Exhaust Fan

In situations where your bathroom doesn’t fit a ceiling fan or even doesn’t have room for a wall fan, a window fan may be your only option. These fans are installed in a glass window panel and directed to the outside. Since the exhaust fan is in the glass pane, there will inevitably be a visible power cable going to the fan. Window exhaust fans can be supplied with an exhaust switch or can be connected to a conventional switch. It should be noted that when modifying existing glass panels, the glazier must cut a hole for the exhaust fan. Certain types of glass (such as safety glass, frosted glass, or textured glass) may require a complete replacement because they cannot be cut after installation.

Ceiling Exhaust Fan

This is a classic exhaust fan found in bathrooms all over the country. It is very economical and does the job well. Ceiling exhaust fans work by exhausting air directly into space under the roof. This works very effectively when the roof is tiled and has enough clearances to provide adequate ventilation. However, on other types of roofs, such as flat roofs or corrugated iron roofs, there may not be enough airflow to prevent moisture build-up in the roof space. In these cases, LS Ventilating & Exhaust Fan Installation Singapore recommends installing an exhaust fan that is vented directly outside (rather than under the roof). This will help avoid moisture problems in the bathroom and on the roof.

Roof Exhaust Fan

If you have a high ceiling, flat roof, or other location where there is no room on the roof to install an exhaust ceiling fan, then an outdoor ceiling fan may be the best option for you. Roof Mounted Exhaust Fans come in various sizes and capacities and are even a useful solution for outdoor barbecue hoods or hoods.

Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan

Does your house have a monolithic concrete ceiling or no ceiling? Conventional exhaust ceiling fans won’t have adequate ventilation under these conditions, so that a wall-mounted exhaust fan might be the best option for your room. Wall-mounted exhaust fans can be supplied with a toggle switch or connected to a conventional switch.

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